Posted by: encourager | March 10, 2009

An Urgent Message from Pastor David Wilkerson

Pastor David Wilkerson the author of The Cross and the Switchblade, founder of World Challenge Inc. and Pastor of Times Square Church, New York has sent out an urgent message of impending disaster that is to happen very soon.

Pastor David’s  church The Times Square Church was closest to the Twin Towers that got attacked on September 11, 2001.  Weeks before the planes destroyed the Twin Towers the Holy Spirit instructed the church to cancel all meetings and spend time praying as a disaster was about to happen.  David explains everything in his message David Wilkerson: The Towers Have Fallen And We Missed The Message.
On the 7 March 2009 he has put out an urgent message in his blog David Wilkerson Today.  In the message he warns that


He explains what is going to happen and what people must do to protect themselves.

Read the blog post  Urgent Message.


  1. About two months ago, I dreamed that one of our major cities was in terrible trouble. I could hear people crying, and screaming in the streets. Soldiers dressed in heavy military garb were patrolling the heavily congested streets. The guns they carried had bayonets at the end of the guns. People were going crazy! The soldiers began firing their weapons at the some of the people. I don’t recall what caused the chaos, but it was so surreal. The soldiers countenance was a look of pure power and satisfaction. I was very frightened as I looked upon people bowing down in the streets. The terror on their faces was indescribable. I awoke with a start. It took me several minutes to calm down. I had a similar dream just a few months prior to the one just described.
    Here is another one of my dreams: I was standing in a wide open field. I could see a major city just before me. Without warning the ground began shaking terribly. People all around me started to scream. Terrific lightening and thunder soon followed the quake. Lightening striking in all directions, that included the north, south, east and west. The entire sky looked like one huge bolt of lightening. The earth looked like it was one big flame of fire. The earthquake seemed to intensify as the fire continued. I noticed people looking upward. I, too, looked and saw the Eastern sky parting like a scroll. I could not take my eyes off this scene. People all around me were praying. Some were singing. Others were petrified. It was a most awesome time. There in the sky was Jesus! He had returned to take His children home with Him. Over His head was a beautiful rainbow. He was surrounded by thousands and thousands of heavenly angels. He was dressed in white raiment and wore a golden crown upon His head. He was breathtaking! While His appearing held me completely captive, I was aware of what was happening around me. Graves began to open up. People from every tongue and nation came out of the graves. There were a lot of graves that did not open. Soon the saints were lifted up to meet Jesus. I woke up. I was sorry that it was just a dream. I do know that Jesus is coming very soon. Much sooner than any of us know. He is near. Even at the door. The signs of His coming are all around us.
    I had this dream about 7 months ago.

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